gsdc-transparent-logo-hz-2 5K Corporate Challenge

Race Details:

Start: East St. Germain Bridge, Just North of River's Edge Convention Center

The Greater St. Cloud Development Corp. Corporate Challenge takes place as part of the St. Cloud Subaru 5K Run/Walk. The Corporate Challenge promotes health and wellness among area businesses. Run with your colleagues and alongside rival companies. Teams consist of 5-10 runners. All competitors will have their times recorded and adjusted using an age-grading scale. Age-grading scales work to even the field among runners of all ages and genders. The top five times from team members will then be added up and averaged to produce the team's overall time.

Get Earth Day Run weekend started with this fun, healthy, team-building activity for your business!

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2019 GSCDC Corporate Challenge Champions
Dezurik Valve Squad

5K Corporate Challenge Heat Instructions

Important! The GSCDC 5K Corporate Challenge will be run the race in 5 separate heats. You will not be placed in heats ahead of time.

Instead, when you arrive to the start line, you will self-select the heat that you feel fits you the best and line up accordingly. You will base your heat selection on your predicted time (this does not have to be exact). Heats are numbered 1 to 5 and will be based off fastest time to slowest time. Heat recommendations are as follows:

  • Heat 1: under 8:50/mile pace or 28 minute expected finish time – starts race at 6:30pm
  • Heat 2: under 10:00/mile pace or 31 minute expected finish time – starts race at 6:32pm
  • Heat 3: under 11:30/mile pace or 35 minute expected finish time – starts race at 6:34pm
  • Heat 4: under 13:30/mile pace or 41 minute expected finish time – starts race at 6:36pm
  • Heat 5: over 13:30/mile pace or over 41 minute 5K expected finish time and all walkers – starts race at 6:38pm

Heats will go off every 2 minutes, starting at 6:30pm. Times noted above.

Your chip time will not start until you cross the start line timing mats, therefore your true 5K time will be recorded correctly on the results, presented by Granite Equity. The heats are simply to give you more space to run during the 5K and eliminate congestion during the start. Also note, if you want to run as a group, you still may choose to start together (even if everyone is not in the recommended heat, again, these heats are designed to give you space, and therefore will not affect your overall time). Start location will be on the E St. Germain Bridge, just steps north of the Rivers Edge Convention Center and SCHEELS Health & Fitness Expo.

GSCDC Corporate Challenge 5K Course

Please note: This course will be USATF Sanctioned and Certified. There may be small adjustments made to the course to give us exact distance when certified. Our intent is to certify this course as close to the map provided here, which will give us an exact 3.1 mile/5K certified course. Any small changes made to the course after certification will be updated here on this page. All 5K racers will be emailed final instructions with the certified route the week before the race. Thank you!

Download 5K Course Map (PDF)

Stearns_BankJoin Us Afterward at the Stearns Bank Stage Party

Invite your friends and family to join you at the Stearns Bank Stage Party located near the finish line! Celebrate your accomplishment as well as cheer on other participants as they cross the finish line. The event features food, beer, live music and activities for all ages, including inflatables for the kids!

All participants and party attendees must bring a photo ID for alcoholic beverage service. For your convenience, we will have an ID/key drop area nearby so you can safely store items onsite.