Saturday Parking Instructions

Parking Tips:

  • Follow this link for downtown parking information.
    • Parking south of downtown is encouraged. If parking near the north end of SCSU campus or by Lake George, expect a 5-10 minute walk through downtown to River’s Edge Convention Center.
    • If walking or want to make sure your directions are correct, you may enter “St. Cloud River’s Edge Convention Center” into your GPS or Maps app to assist you. The convention center is located at 10 4th Ave. South, St. Cloud.

    Please Keep in Mind:

    • Please keep in mind that St. Germain Street and 5th Avenue in Downtown St. Cloud will be closed to vehicles throughout Saturday morning. And the St. Germain Street Bridge will be closed from 7:45-8:45 a.m. Review more Earth Day Run road closures information.
    • If you need to cross the Mississippi River on Saturday morning, review the Alternative Routes to Downtown St. Cloud information below.

    Alternative Routes to Downtown St. Cloud

    During Closures to the St. Germain Street Bridge in Downtown St. Cloud

    • Crossing the Granite City Crossing Bridge (MN Highway 23) – located in Downtown St. Cloud just a few blocks south of the River’s Edge Convention Center.
    • Access Downtown St. Cloud from the north by taking the Sauk Rapids Regional Bridge and following 9th Avenue North.
    • Access Downtown St. Cloud from the south by taking University Avenue and crossing the University Bridge, then turning north onto 9th Avenue South. Follow this road into downtown.